About me

Petr HorkýPetr Horký (*4.2.1973)
documentary director, presenter, traveller, producer

From 1994 Petr worked as a presenter in Czech Television Brno, from 1996 in Czech Television Prague. In 1996 Petr and Miroslav Náplava set up Camera Incognita, an association for the production of travel documentaries, which specialises in mapping places in the world which are changing so dynamically that we will never see them in their original form again.

Petr is the organiser of WorldFilm, a travel film show which included a series of talks, author of about 60 documentaries (e.g. Unknown Earth series, Světozor – Madeira, a few episodes of travel series On the Road, Czech Republic – A Country of Wild Nature, Alchemy of Being – a series from the medical environment, Art of Conception series), author and co-author of the books Two Journeys to Archaeology, Elephants Live up to a Hundred Years, Unknown Earth, Cuba Libre, Pursuit of a Giant Worm and Report on a Journey to the North Pole.

Petr Horký


Projects and Expeditions (selection):

2010 CROSSING GREENLAND from east to west, approx. 580km
• 6-member expedition, four Brits, one Canadian and PH
• Journey time: 25 days

• 2-member expedition (Miroslav Jakeš and myself) successfully reached the North Pole under our own steam
• The longest Czech expedition to the North Pole
• Resulted in a book, photo exhibition and TV film

• Presenter of a Central-European meeting of 28 presidents in the Czech Republic
• Live broadcast used by the Czech Television and foreign TV companies
• Ceremonial opening and evening programme

2006 a 2007
• Presenter of a series of meetings between Václav Klaus, president of the Czech Republic, and the public

Radiojournal – presenter of “Above things”, a programme of Czech Radio 1 Radiojournal

2006 South Africa – Filming with TIGER SHARK …
… in open sea without protective gear
• Documentary HITCH-HIKERS
• Festival prizes

2006 Indonesia – Filming and climbing MERAPI, an active volcano on Java

2004 – 2007 Maldives – SECRET SHIPWRECKS
• The first diving expedition in history to the northern, forbidden territory of Maldives
• Discovery of two sunken ships, now added to maps of the area for the first time
• TV series Secret Wrecks – aired on Czech Television in November and December 2007

2002 – 2006 Cuba – CUBA LIBRE
• A documentary film and a book
• Bestseller – sold almost 10.000 books and 5.000 DVDs
• Film festival prizes, Egon Ervín Kisch Prize

1996 Mongolia – Expedition Olgoj Chorchoj
• Expedition in the footsteps of the legendary giant worm–killer into the Mongolian Gobi desert


1991 – 1995 Teachers’ Faculty of Masaryk University in Brno
• Programme of study: English and specialist education

1997 Teachers’ Faculty of Masaryk University, Krkonoše
• Skiing instructor

2006 SSI Croatia – Pag
• Divemaster diving qualification

2007 State Waterway Administration Děčín
• International Small Vessel Captain’s Certificate

Languages: English, Spanish and Russian


Media and communication, motorbikes, diving



Albania, the beauty with bad reputation (2012), co-written with M. Náplava

Report on a Journey to the North Pole (2008)
An account of the longest hike to the North Pole, successfully undertaken by a Czech expedition.

Pursuit of a Giant Worm and Other Adventures (2007), co-written with M. Náplava
A story of many tense and both literally and figuratively “hot” moments experienced by the authors on their journey.

Cuba Libre (2006), co-written with M. Náplava
– won the prestigious international literature prize of E. E. Kisch
Cuba Libre is a book full of freedom, and the joy and thirst…for life. And, understandably, also thirst for Cuban rum and an appreciation of one’s life.

Unknown Earth (2005)
– won the prestigious international literature prize of E. E. Kisch
An unbelievable kaleidoscopic view of the changing world and humans upon it.

Elephants live up to a hundred years (2002) together with M. Zikmund and M. Náplava
A book which tells a story of the wanderings of three men, who are the best guides to not only the present, but via the memories of Miroslav Zikmund also the past of the islands.

Two Journeys to Archaeology (1996) together with M. Náplava
A journey from the mysterious Bull Rock with its archaeological finds in the Moravian Karst to Crete in Greece with its Minotaur myth, and then back to Moravia, to further questions about the old massacre by the Bull Rock…


Films and Documents:

Popular science project Teleapatyka (2012, 2011, 2010)
An entertaining and audience-orientated popular science project dedicated to questions of health, the functioning of our bodies, treatment processes and new treatment methods.

The North Pole through the eyes of an alien visitor (2009)
The longest Czech expedition to the North Pole. What would a visitor from another planet think of such endeavours of human endurance bordering on freezing to death?

Hitchhikers (2008)
Journalist Pavlína Wolfová tracks a reconstruction of a story of Czech divers who dived with the “hyena of the seas”, A.K.A. the tiger shark, without any protection.

Ingris! Eduard Ingris. (2007)
An almost unbelievable but true documentary about Eduard Ingris.

The Wonderworld of the Maldives (2007)
A five-part documentary series about this magnificent archipelago which has no clear history or future…

Popular science series Alchemy of being (2006 – 2009)
An 18-part series – taking a moment to think about the basic principles of the functioning of our bodies.

Cuba Libre (2006)
Those who have not seen it, will not believe it, those who have not experienced it, will not understand! A film made during five visits to the “Island of Freedom”.

Czech Republic – Country of Wild Nature (2006)
Bohemia and Moravia – a land not only urbanised and cultivated by agriculture, but also wild and diverse.

Unknown Earth (2005)
A 21-part TV series about global change through the eyes of the biggest adventurers from the later part of the 20th century.

Liver (2005)
A documentary about the search by Czech divers for a bait for which a Great White shark will do anything.

Popular science series Artificial Conception (2004)
A five-part series about the miracles of treating infertility.

Elephants live up to a hundred years (2002)
A documentary on the return of traveller Miroslav Zikmund to Sri Lanka after 40 years.

Micromundus (2002)
A documentary on the issues of human infertility.